Working Principle to show the individual process...

Sensor can integrated into any close-fitting clothing, capable of detecting biophysical signals and delivering to users via mobile apps

Diagrammatic Sketch

Parameters can be configured at the backstage to obtain desirable output on the user’s screen as desire as you need

Different data can be output to different users/doctor/medical staff to provide help or analysis

Our system is automatically running 24hours on-stop in the background; with supporting inquiry & data protection.

Fabric Electrode provide signal to detect the movement , can recognize and measure human motion

Data Analysis & Working Diagram

Data Analysis & Working Diagram

In order to obtain corrected data, different kinds of sensors need to be installed in the proper location to get correct data for measurement.

To measure your instand status,  will need to put one MEMS sensor on index finger to maresure blood flow and one optical sensor to blood presure

Data obtained from sensor are sent to your doctor or hospital via your mobile phone to keep continue monitoring of your body status.

During the sporting time, your heart beat rate was detected by ECG sensor, motion and momentum are detected by gyroscope on your feet.

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